The following accommodation suggestions are purely a sample of those available in the local area.


Park Hotel
61 John Street
DD10 8RJ
01674 663400

Links Hotel
Mid Links
DD10 8RL
01674 671000

The George Hotel
22 George Street
DD10 8EW
01674 675050

Carlton Hotel
139 high Street
DD10 8QN
01674 677237

Northern Hotel
1 Clerk Street
01356 625400

Chester Hotel
59-63 Queens Road
AB15 4YP
01224 327777

B&Bs, Guest Houses and Self Catering Accommodation

Mario Merckaert
Oaklands Guest House
10 Rossie Island Road
DD10 9NN
01674 672018

Caroline Norman
The Roomies
30 William Street
DD10 9RP
01674 678486
07960 279467

Marlene and Graeme Scott
The Limes
15 King Street
DD10 8NL
01674 677236

Fairfield Guest House
24 The Mall
DD10 8NW
01674 676386

50 Redfield Road
DD10 8TW
01674 678430

36 The Mall
DD10 8SS
01674 673646

The Hermitage
The Hermitage
1 Graham Street
DD10 8SR
01674 676859

Linksview Guest House
16 Links Parade
01241 411195

The Haven B & B
8 Lower Hall Street
DD10 8JW
01674 677741
07931 221297

Coutts Court Bed & Breakfast
80 High Street
DD10 8JF
01674 674719

DD10 8NN
01674 672386

The Violets
Self Catering Facility
14 Carnegie Street
DD10 8RS
01674 673304
07923 562556

Grey Harlings Guest House
Contact Name Linda Henderson
Traill Drive
East Links
DD10 8SW
01674 674789

Framework Buildings
Self Catering Facility
Contact Name Linda Henderson
2 John Street

Dorothy Moir
41 Reform Street
01674 678800

Orchard Cottage
Contact Name Gillian Sutton
Located 2 miles from Montrose
01674 830294

Montrose Golf Links has provided this list for information only and cannot be held responsible for quality of the properties.

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