Golf Ambassador Scheme

Montrose Golf Links have a Golf Ambassador Scheme, which means our visitors are greeted by one of our ambassadors on their arrival at the course. The scheme has proven to be a great success for our visitors, as our golf ambassadors not only give a brief history of our Courses, but also ensure arrangements such as catering, playing times and buggies are taken care of.

We have had very positive comments from visitors, which include overseas ones such as France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Canada, USA, Australia and many many more as well as those from across UK, and all of them have indicated how much they have appreciated the welcome and support from our golf ambassadors.

The Ambassadors have proven to be a super addition to the golfing experience at Montrose and visitors have commented that “their knowledge of the courses is excellent and their help on our arrival has made us feel very welcome”.


The picture above shows six of our seven Ambassadors from left Jim Calder, Janice Crow, Alan Crow, John Hillyear, Pam Nicoll and Ian Sykes.  James Grant is missing from the photograph.

Next year, we hope to have a further four ambassadors to welcome our visitors, this will increase the total number of ambassadors up to eleven.

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