Ladies Duncan Rosebowl round one results and draw for round two


Jan Petrie (MML) received bye to round two 
Carol Littlewood (MCL) beat Andrene Stewart (MML) W/O 
Anne Reoch (MML) beat Carol Smith (MCL) after extra holes
Edna McGurk (RML) beat Eileen Fullerton (MML) 5 and 3
Mary Ramsay (RML) beat Joan Hulse (MML) 5 and 4 
Elizabeth Cole (RML) beat Edna Wallwork (MML) 4 and 3
Cath MacDonald (MCL) lost to Fiona Anderson (MML) W/O
Kitt Murray (MML) lost to Trish Cresdee (RML) W/O

The draw for round two is available by clicking the link below

<a href="http://montroselinks xenical diet”>DRAW FOR LADIES DUNCAN ROSEBOWL RD 2 2016

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