Season Ticket Pricing

The 2017/18 Season Ticket includes the following benefits:

  • Ability to book tee times a week in advance on both courses.
  • 50% off when purchasing Clik Service business software, which retails at £750. Any season ticket holder visiting and going through the online purchase process just needs to add the promotional code of > MGL2016 < at the checkout stage. Or call the Clik sales office (0117 902 2012) mentioning the promo code, to receive the discount.
  • 10% off meals in the Links and Park Hotel Restaurants for a maximum of 10 guests per table with a season ticket holder present.
  • 10% off selected bACTIVE monthly membership at any ANGUS Alive Leisure Centre.
  • 10% off at Greenpark Garage for Servicing and Repairs.  MOT tests will be reduced to £40.00 – normal price £54.85.
  • 10% off at PMR Jewellery
  • 10% off at Crystalle.  Not to be used in conjunction with other offers.
  • 20% off kilt hire at Highland Scene (excluding shirts, socks and ties) maximum 10 per party. Not to be used in conjunction with other offers.
  • 25% off at Mc’s Sport Therapy and have a 1hr appointment for £25 instead of £35 (all appointments must be within the Montrose, St Cyrus, Laurencekirk area. A supplement of £5 will be added for Brechin and Stonehaven. Areas further than this will be arranged on appointment by appointment basis). To book an appointment please contact 07870563737.Opportunity to participate in Season Ticket Holder Competitions – for more information please visit
  • Discounted buggy hire rates of £15.00 – normal price £25.00.

So what are you waiting for be part of the Legacy.

For more information please contact the Montrose Golf Links team on 01674 672932 or email

Season Ticket Costs

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