Solid Tining of Greens

During the week ahead, the greens on both courses will be solid tined.  This process is an essential part of our golf course maintenance programme and involves driving a solid metal spike into a putting surface, sometimes as much as six inches deep (the depth may vary depending on compaction of a green).

Tining is undertaken to relieve soil compaction, get air to the plant roots and create a space for sand to be placed in the root zone, making the greens drain better and them being healthier.  Getting sand into the root zone is critical to dilute the amount of dead organic matter which accumulates in the soil over a playing season.

A green which has excess organic matter is soft and spongy and doesn’t drain well. We have not had spongy greens, but you may well have noticed over the last few weeks that some greens have not drained well. This is because of compaction of the putting surface (cutting and then ironing to give you a good putting surface ultimately causes compaction).

The work will take approximately three days and should anyone wish to understand more about aeration of Greens and the Courses in general, please feel free to ask.

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